Wedding Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect method for easily and quickly adding length and volume, which you have¬†always dreamed about. Simply clip the hair extensions underneath your natural hair by using the clips which are attached to the hair wefts. Natural, healthy, flowing, sexy long hair can be yours within minutes. The clips are undetectable as they are concealed under your natural hair. Clip in extensions are perfect if you play sports, swim a lot, or are involved in any activity that takes a toll on your hair. With clip ins, you can easily remove them within seconds and put back in when required. You can also remove when sleeping. If you have very damaged or easily breakable hair, clip-in extensions are recommended as they don’t place any stress on your natural hair. Clip-ins are perfect for use on your wedding day to add that extra volume and even add more texture to your own hair. There are some hair types that don’t hold curl well, and adding extensions can solve this problem for you.

Our hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and colours. 14″-16″ and 18″-20″.