Beauty Guide: Finding The Perfect Bridal Hairstyle For You

Find the perfect bridal hairstyle for your wedding day

Finding the perfect bridal hairstyle may be a difficult task. You need to consider many different factors.

What time of year is your wedding? If your wedding is in mid summer and the chances of humidity are good, then you may want to have your hair up. Most people look good with an up-style. There are many different up styles that can be achieved with specific techniques. Here is an example of a modern twist on a classic chignon. This style will look good on most people. If you have a very narrow face, you will want to have a bit more width in the back of the shape.

Bridal hair styles perfect for you

What style is your wedding dress? Making sure that your hairstyle fit’s with the style of your bridal gown, will be important. If you have a very ornate dress, opting for a simple hairstyle will be the best choice.

What shape is your face? If you have an oval face shape, you are lucky. Most hairstyles will look good on you. If you have a very wide or square face shape, then you will want to have a bit more height on top with a slimming effect towards the neck. You can achieve this look with an up style or a half up half down. Your stylist will be able to create these shapes for you. You can learn more about face shapes here.

What do you feel comfortable with? This is so important. There is nothing worse then to have a hairstyle that just doesn’t feel like you! Feeling comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day will give you full confidence to enjoy your day. You don’t want to have to be pulling at your hair all night. This is why a trial is so important, it’s a good idea to wear your hair the way you want to wear it before your big day. This way you can be sure if it’s what you really want.

Seeking the right hairstylist to find your perfect bridal hairstyle will be key to making your bridal look happen. Have 2 trials with different artists to figure out the perfect bridal hairstyle for you.