Sassy Styled Bride

If sleek isn’t your style, opt for a look that is both flirty and polished all in one.

Tania created this look for brides who want to wear their hair down, but want that “extra special” wow factor.Sassy style bridal hairstyles

This style delivers with loose curls and fabulous hair jewels. From Short to Long your hair should be at least chin length for this style. Our model’s hair is just passed her shoulders. If your hair is longer then this, you can create a shorter length by pinning the hair up at the bottom underneath. Creating the Curls: Brides Etc. Hairstylists sectioned the hair into small strands and used a curling iron to create ringlets all over the head. Each curl was immediately sprayed with a setting lotion to keep it defined and to give shine to the hair.

Random sections were then pinned over and under each other to create depth and texture.

A Highlight of Sparkle: The model’s bangs were gently combed off to the side and to balance the fullness, Hair Stylists arranged the three piece Swarovski Bridal Comb Set behind her right ear.

Photo’s by Azimuth Art’s

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