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How To Apply Blush

Need a pick me up, feel like your face needs some umph? Blusher is a great enhancer that can make any face look fresher and more lively in an instant.
For best results:
Choose a blush colour that most resembles your cheek colour after a workout.

Determine your face shape and if you will use a powder or cream blush. Tip: Oily skin types use a powder, drier types opt for a cream.

Look in the mirror and smile. First apply to the apple of your cheek and then lightly sweeping up in an arc shape towards your temple along your cheek bone. Stop and look to make sure you are applying the correct desired amount, then continue if needed.

Powdered Blush

This should be applied after your foundation and powder. To apply powdered blusher sweep a fluffy brush into your compact of colour, if you have added to mush tap your brush on the back of your hand to take off the excess. It’s easier to add more then to have to take too much off.

Cream Blusher

This is applied after foundation, but before face powder. To apply, dab a little cream on your finger tips and add to your plump cheek area and blend upward until you get the desired amount of colour.

With so many colours to choose from, stick with a colour that is close to or lighter than your lipstick for best results.
By Tania Dee
Brides Etc.


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Anna’s Fall Wedding

This gallery contains 6 photos.

It was a cool autumn day, but the sun was shinning and it was a perfect wedding day for Anna. I first set her hair with rollers and continued with her makeup. We used MAC eye pallets to sculpt her … Continue reading

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Perfect Wedding Day Hair

Great wedding day hair starts with proper daily maintenance and salon visits. Investing in good shampoos and conditioners to treat your specific hair problems and taking the time to deep condition regularly, will keep your locks shiny and healthy. When it comes to primping your hair for your wedding day, if you don’t already have a trusted stylist, best to find one now! You will want someone who knows you and your hair—this is the key to wedding-day hair success. Find a stylist that specializes in bridal hairstyling. Not every hairdresser is good at or likes up-do’s. It’s a kind of thing, either you love it or you hate it. Just make sure your stylist loves it. You may also want to find a service that will come to your location the day of your wedding. This type of service is really valuable to you on such a special day. You won’t have to worry about traveling anywhere. Hiring a mobile service is well worth it. Less headaches for you and your entire bridal party.

11 months Before

• Make a hair schedule. Have your tresses trimmed every 3 months: this keeps ends healthy and your style in shape.

• Skip the flat iron. If you’re addicted to flat ironing, give it a rest and let your locks go natural at least 3 times per week.

• Create a “look book.” Start compiling photos from magazine clippings of styles you might like for your wedding day.

• Perfect your colour. If you want to add highlights, change your base colour or tinker with your hair in any chemical way, do so now. You don’t want to be doing this just a few months before—you need time to perfect it. Proper diet is key to a healthy head of hair. Make sure your diet is balanced and you are getting enough protein and fruits, veggies and whole grains.

7 Months Before

• Wash your hair once a month with a clarifying shampoo, this helps remove excess product and any residue from your locks.

• Get conditioning. Have your stylist recommend a deep-conditioning treatment for you to use at home once a week.

• Seek expert advice. Start intensive consultations with your stylist about your hair options for your big day. Share your magazine clippings and details about your dress and headpiece. From there, you can brainstorm and chose your bridal look.

• Book a trial appointment. Plan to bring along your hair accessories you plan to wear, so your stylist can create a perfect style.

4 Months Before

• Settle on a hairstyle. Have one last trial with your stylist to ensure you are completely happy with the look you’ve chosen for your wedding.

• Get special treatments. Every time you have a cut, ask your stylist to throw in a special treatment for your hair. A special shine treatment or a deep-conditioning system will leave your hair (and scalp) feeling rejuvenated. If your hair is damaged, a protein treatment will work better then a moisturizing treatment. Your stylist will advise you.

• Book your wedding-day beauty appointment. You can never book too early—you want to make sure you get a prime-time slot that day.

1 Month Before

• Keep up your maintenance. Continue with your regular trim and colour touch-ups.

• Gloss it up! To add extra shine to your lovely locks, ask your stylist to apply a clear colour gloss. This treatment does not alter the colour of your hair, but infuses it with a glass-like shine.

1 Week Before

• Touch up your colour. Plan to do it four to five days before the big day so your hair looks picture-perfect.

• Confirm your wedding day hair appointment. While you’re at it, schedule a scalp massage as part of your package—this will leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Wedding Day

At last, your day has arrived. Sit back and enjoy!

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